Landmark Tower, London

Client: Thames Water

Architect: Brooks, Stacy, Randall, Fursdon

Contractor: Murphy

At the northern side of the Holland Park roundabout is located a surge pipe of 1.5 metres in diameter which rises 15 metres above ground level at this point.

Utilising Henshaws glazing design expertise, allied to our comprehensive in-house specialist fabrication and casting facilities, Thames Water proposed to transform this pipe visually into a public barometer for the benefit of those passing the site to be made aware to a falling or rising barometric pressure. This would indicate whether good or poor weather is to be expected.

The steel surge pipe was contained within a flush glass, frameless cylinder and within the cavity between pipe and glass, a series of circumferentially arranged water outlets were set at 2 metre modules up the height of the pipe. The space between the core (surge pipe) and the glass contained the glazing support structure which also acts as a permanent and self finished metalic maintenance access zone to facilitate regular cleaning of the tower.

The water used within the tower was dyed to a sky blue colour to enhance its appearance so that set against the self-finished metallic core cladding of the tower (the surge pipe) the level can be readily appreciated.

The middle zone comprised 12mm toughened flush glass frameless enclosure secured using specially manufactured countersunk fixings and silicone sealant between glass sheets, fixed back to the structural supports at 2 metre vertical modules to act as a calibration for the water level when viewing the tower.

This £350,000 glass and metalwork installation is a perfect example of Henshaws design and manufacturing service for specialist contracts.